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Image Of God And The Perfect Man

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My book the image of God and the perfect man does not consist of only one perfect man or woman, but it comprises a society of people a city of people who is set on a hill and cannot be hidden. A nation a state, a city whose builder and maker is God. Where holiness unto the Lord is.The image of God and the perfect man is also relating to a free society, where there is no dictatorship of sin mastering or controlling your life, a nation of people who believes that all things are possible through Jesus Christ who strengthens them. A society of people who believes in overcoming sin while yet living in this present world. After you have received the power of the holy ghost in your life. If you can recall John the baptist is the one who said behold the lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world. Now if Christ have taken away the sin of the world, than why are we still continuing therein. He has taken away the very nature of sin because he intended for us to live in a world that is free from sin. So that you and I can be happy. It is sin that causes us to be unhappy and dissatisfied with ourselves and with others. It does not matter how much money we have, or how many Grammys you have won, without Jesus Christ in your life, you will never reach the full potential of true happiness. The image of God and the perfect man is a nation of people within a nation. The nation of Jesus Christ. Where you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

In His Image

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This is a biblical study that is geared towards pointing people back to the original purpose God had for creating mankind. In addition to this being a study for individuals, this book can be used as a devotional for couples to complete at home or in a small group. There are seven sections to this study, with each section containing scripturally based reading assignments and discussion questions.

This book also comes with free videos for each chapter and topic that go beyond the written material. To access the free videos simply access the video links provided in each section.

Champions Of A Free Society

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This book is constructed around great thinkers of the past and present who have been influential in developing the philosophy of freedom. Its main purpose is to provide a survey and overview of the ideas of leading individual philosophers and economists of capitalism who have contributed to developing what might be called the classical liberal or libertarian worldview. Champions of a Free Society endeavors to provide a guide to political and economic thinking about the desirability and construction of a free society that is intelligible to the educated layperson. Edward Younkins provides an historical perspective of the pursuit of political and economic truth. The goal of this book is to present the development of ideas in language that permits generally educated readers to understand and appreciate their significance. The book's chronological approach considers the thinkers and their ideas as they have developed over the course of time. There is much unfulfilled illuminative potential to be found in the ideas of the past and Younkins successfully integrates the ideas of past and current thinkers into a logical contemporary worldview.


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"Told with warmth, evoking the distinctive aura of a certain class of Southerners and the lure of a city where Walworth descendants may be found today." --Publishers Weekly "The depiction of the antebellum years calls to mind John Jakes' best seller, North and South. Jakes' novel, however, does not depict the human issues of the time as honestly as Pilgrimage does." --Mississippi Magazine "Collier writes of this loving home and its inhabitants with great familiarity and warmth." --Southern Living Based upon the family history of John Walworth and author Louise Wilbourn Collier, Pilgrimage: A Tale of Old Natchez is the bittersweet saga of the family's struggle to survive the devastation of War and-even more difficult-the subsequent cultural and social changes that followed. Tracing the years from 1830 to 1930, this is a generational tale that relates not only the effect the Civil War had upon this family but also upon the historic town of Natchez and its surroundings. The singular focus of this work is The Burn, one of Natchez's most-adored homes. A family estate for more than a century, it serves as the backdrop for the story. From its halls Collier spins her story of the ways in which the home and its people faced the transformation as told by Aunt Clara, a war-made spinster whose purpose is to maintain the genealogical threads of the family. Louise Wilbourn Collier was born in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1925. Growing up in the Great Depression and moving frequently, Ms. Collier looked to The Burn as a "true home." She married John Stuart Collier in 1953 and raised 4 children. Two decades later at the encouragement of her cousin, Margaret Wynn, Collier began to write the stories that would become Pilgrimage. With her book in its third printing and another book in consideration, she resides with her husband in Memphis.


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