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Elements Of Photogrammetry With Application In Gis

RRP $82.95

Fully updated edition covering the latest technological advances in this evolving field

  • New chapter on laser scanning (LIDAR) systems and new material on the integration of GPS and INS and their use in direct georeferencing of images
  • Covers up-to-date imaging systems (large format digital cameras), measuring systems, and modern photogrammetric products
About the Author

Paul R. Wolf, Ph.D., was a professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Bon A. DeWitt, Ph.D., is an associate professor in the Geomatics Program, School of Forest Resources and Conservation at the University of Florida. He is currently serving as the Geomatics Program Director (1999 - present). Dr. DeWitt specializes in photogrammetry, digital mapping technology, digital image processing, hydrographic surveys, subdivision design, and land surveying Benjamin E. Wilkinson is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Florida with specialization in photogrammetry, LIDAR, remote sensing, navigation, and software development.

Black And White Photography

RRP $77.99

The appeal of traditional black and white photography is still strong, even in the digital age, and this book offers a comprehensive guide to both the aesthetics and the technique of creating fine monochrome prints.

The emphasis throughout is on achieving your personal vision by mastering the appropriate camera and darkroom techniques. This is a down-to-earth book which tells you what you need to know without getting bogged down in unnecessary technical detail. It explains clearly how exposure, development and printing all work together to produce the intended result.

Many of the author's magnificent photographs are presented as examples, with notes on how the picture came to be taken and how it was printed. A series of detailed case studies shows how the print evolves in the darkroom, from the initial working print to the final product.

Photographing Travel

RRP $29.99

KEYNOTE: Provides tips from an experienced photographer on equipment and techniques How many of us have brought our cameras with us on holiday in hopes of creating a memorable visual record of our trip and been disappointed in the results? This book, written by a leading travel photographer and journalist contains a stunning array of images from all over the world. Written from the author's vast experience of photographing subjects, he provides invaluable and practical advice on how to get the best shots. The author's lively writing style and his gorgeous and evocative photographs of people and places make the reader feel that they have been travelling with him. This book is ideal for the person who travels for work or pleasure and wants advice and inspiration for creating and improving their own photography. Contents: From hobby to art; Moving on from "Smile, please"; In praise of 'digital'; Breaking the rules; Into the sun; "Before the setting of the sun"; Paris by night; Seen through the mist; Why you should wear a white shirt; Shooting in waltz time; The still silence of black-and-white; Finding your own rhythm; A point in space; Vivid impressions; The world in faces; faces in the world; The law is the law; Taking genre to new heights; Playing with reflections; Down shady avenues; Are you still a prisoner?; Sparring with Euclid; Getting down to the nuts and bolts; Welcome to Sodom!; The gentle hunt; Render unto God the things that are God's; Captured by the Moors; How can you photograph the Venus de Milo?; Open sesame! AUTHOR: Alex Milovsky is a popular travel photographer and journalist. He is a tireless explorer, who has travelled through more than eighty countries. In his work, photographs and text flow together to form a single artistic unity. Thousands of his photographs have been published in magazines such as GEO, Stern, Natural History, Vanity Fair, Vogue, GQ, Elle, Harper's Bazaar and Focus. He is the author of numerous books that have been published worldwide in multiple languages. REVIEWS: "With 200 colour photographs by a leading travel photographer, this book shows you just how striking travel shots can be. It's also packed with tips on how you can achieve such results with your camera. Be inspired by frozen waterfalls in Iceland or the sun setting over the Nile." Townswoman ILLUSTRATIONS: 200 colour *

A First Course In Digital Communications

RRP $49.99

Communication technology has become pervasive in the modern world, and ever more complex. Focusing on the most basic ideas, this carefully paced, logically structured textbook is packed with insights and illustrative examples, making this an ideal introduction to modern digital communication. Examples with step-by-step solutions help with the assimilation of theoretical ideas, and MATLAB exercises develop confidence in applying mathematical concepts to real-world problems. Right from the start the authors use the signal space approach to give students an intuitive feel for the modulation/demodulation process. After a review of signals and random processes, they describe core topics and techniques such as source coding, baseband transmission, modulation, and synchronization. The book closes with coverage of advanced topics such as trellis-coding, CMDA, and space-time codes to stimulate further study. This is an ideal textbook for anyone who wants to learn about modern digital communication.


RRP $247.99

This book explores the role of photographs in newspapers and online news, analyzing how meanings are made in images and exploring text-image relations, illustrated with authentic news stories from both print and online news outlets.


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